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Cool Bug Jewelry

Cool Bug Jewelry for Trendy Girls and Teens

Many bugs are colourful and bright, and have inspired poetry, jewelry, toys and more. Cool bug jewelry is very fashionable right now. Your choice of bug says something about your personality, perhaps?

Anyway, I’ve been out on the web researching the very best bug-inpired jewelry. There’s a lot to choose from, but I present my selection of popular and best-rated items here:

Cool Bug Jewelry for Trendy Girls and Teens

Bees and Bumbles

Are you looking for bee or bumblebee gifts or toys? If so, this is the place to see the most popular and best-rated bee and bumblebee. Bumbles are one of the first insects that we recognize due to their bright colours and buzz. They have inspired nursery rhymes, poems, jewellery, toys, and gifts. I have published a few pages on bee-themed gifts. There are six pages, covering all age groups from baby through to adult. Click on any picture to visit the page:

Buzzy Bee Toys for babies and Toddlers

Bizzy Bumblebee Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Buzzin’ Bumblebee Toys for Children aged 5 to 7 years

Bumblebee Gifts for Pre-teens

Bumblebee Gifts for Teenage Girls and Young Women

Flying Jewels of the Rainforest

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